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Monday, 17 April 2017

Tapestry of Tales

The sun was dipping behind the trees and I was driving home with the hazy, the post-wedding euphoria I am lucky to experience almost every Saturday through the summer. The traffic slowed and I noticed a crumbling house on the edge of the road. The paint was the colour of the sea, had peeled and revealed patches of grey, Bermuda limestone. The windows were dirty but I could see just enough. The curtain and lamp inside looked more like they belonged in a luxurious Italian villa than an old Bermuda cottage.
At that moment in 2011 I could immediately viaualise a collection of photographs of people in their homes. Over the last five years I have pondered and planned but never committed.
a year and a half ago I finally decided it was time. I wandered the island from end to end and met the most amazing characters. I am still in awe of how kind everyone was, how they welcomed me into their homes and shared so much about their lives.
Originally I thought it would just be an exhibition, but as the project progressed I realised that a book would be a much better way to keep the images together and pair them with the wonderful tales my subjects shared. I have received a few advance copies and I am truly over the moon! I will forever be grateful for the kindness of the amazing people I visited. 

The book is now available to preorder at tapestryoftales.com.

The exhibition will open at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art on 27 April 2017
And the official book launch will take place on 12 May 2017.

And if you would like a peek at some of the images shot with my phone, 
have a look at my Instagram feed @tapestryoftales.

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