Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tristan's Lumiere Portrait "Is that Me?"

"When thinking of a gift to give my daughter for her 15th birthday, I couldn't help but think about next year. She will be celebrating 16 in the time honoured Bermudian way of getting her motorbike and having the freedom that brings. As her mom, I wanted to freeze time and let her enjoy being 15 for as long as possible. So I asked you to capture Tristan as she is now - young, passionate, creative, athletic and innocent! And my wish for Tristan was for her to enjoy the experience of being photographed and the freedom it would give her to be herself. You were able to do just that, stripping away all the labels we have placed on Tristan and capturing the raw essence of her 15 year old self."
"I was nervous about going to the shoot as I've always been a self-conscious person. But as soon as I met you and we started to talk, I realised there was no reason to be. With less than a week to go before I shaved my head for St Baldrick's; you were able to capture stunning images I never thought possible. It was a perfect way to get in touch with myself and make memories."
Tristan came to see her photographs the day after she had shaved her head. She saw the images up on the wall and said with a smile - "Is that Me?" It was so sweet. As Tristan was nervous before the shoot, I am always a little nervous afterwards. I was thrilled that Tristan was pleased. Deb came too, and she even shed a wee tear. Yay! I love making people happy...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Versailles and the Eiffel Tower

I was definitely a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people in Paris. So I decided to get up with the sun, wander to the train and head out to Versailles before the hoards. The streets were actually pretty peaceful, and when I hopped on the train near Notre Dame it was virtually empty. However, by the time we got to Versailles at 10am the train was bursting with people. As I stepped off the train I was amazed to see about 500 people walking up the platform ahead of me. I did manage to find a few quiet spots in the palace itself and off to one corner of the gardens I had about 200 square yards to myself, but for the rest of my visit, it was really almost unpleasantly crowded. Paris is apparently the most visited place in the world.

 The palace is truly magnificent. The opulence is incredible - the three King Louis definitely went all out...

 I returned to my flat, exhausted and flopped down on the bed. I dragged myself up again at sunset and rushed to the Eiffel Tower. It too was a frenzy of activity, with skaters, mini statue sellers, and in a corner near the Ecole Militaire, a group of about 50 people that had gathered to tango. 

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