Monday, 1 September 2014

Beneath the Palms

Elizabeth and Drew had rented a holiday home overlooking the South Shore. The view from the house was stunning and it was a short walk down the hill to the beach. They had spent a few days exploring and making friends with the neighbours so when we met for their shoot and walked through someone's garden, they assured me that they had permission. I love shooting in different places, so thank you both for showing me somewhere new... 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Off to College

Elisa and I became friends a couple years ago. Last summer we did a wonderful barter - I gave her two of my Wabi Sabi pieces and she gave me a necklace with a black pearl and a groovy pair of earrings. For Christmas she gave her family a gift certificate for a family portrait. Savannah has just gone off to college so Elisa and Robert were keen to capture Donovan, Savannah and Adrianna together before their eldest flew the coup. We had been trying to get together for months and finally managed to find a weekend when we were all here. Thank you for a lovely evening.

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