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Friday 19 March 2010

Cortney & Chris - Engaged!

They met at Duke - then Chris took a few semesters off - then, happily he returned so they were in their final semester together. "Through some very careful orchestrating on my side (and I found out later on his as well) we ran into one another one weekend and have been together ever since."
In October 08, they went to Europe. Italy had been one idea, but Chris was leaning towards London and Paris as he wanted to propose. The morning of their departure, Chris asked Cortney's father for his blessing. He was speechless, but did grant Chris permission to pop the question. So atop the Eiffel Tower, Chris proposed - and well, clearly she accepted, and was over the moon.
These two are just adorable together, and lucky for me, extremely easy going, and not afraid of getting wet! The weather was ridiculous - with a torrential shower, followed by a magnificent rainbow, then a cloudless sky - for five minutes. Then another shower, more rainbows, more blue sky. Thank you both so much for a wonderful session. Just four weeks until the wedding - I can't wait - and I'm sure you can't either...

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