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Monday 12 April 2010

A Field of Flowers: Bermuda Photographers

I had past this field several times over the last week, and on Easter Sunday I suggested to Margo that we do a few photos in the flowers. And luckily we did do them that day as two days later it was ploughed and all the lovely little blossoms no more. As in the fresias a few weeks ago, both Lily and Amelie were wonderful balls of energy skipping and jumping though the tiny blooms. With them moving around so quickly, it was a bit tricky, but with beautiful light and happy little girls it was hard to go wrong. So thank you all for a wonderful shoot...


  1. Oh Amanda, you have done another stellar job. Every picture I scroll to I say," must frame that one!" My house will become an Amanda Temple Gallery soon. Lovely, just lovely!
    Margo xox

  2. Utterly stunning! I shot Oslo and Indigo today in a far inferior patch. Light was wrong, nettles everywhere and not enough flowers and too much mud. But these are just glorious!! Need to remember for this time of year for future clients - just the most lovely lovely images. They must be so thrilled. xx


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