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Sunday 7 August 2011

Erin & Brian: Bermuda Wedding

Erin is adorable and Brian is so funny - watching these two together was truly a joy. They exchanged their vows at St Patrick's Church, then afterwards, we stopped at the Botanical Gardens for a few photos while all their guests rode the train back to The Reefs for the reception. Thank you both for the pleasure of photographing your wedding, you are so cute together and your friends and family were wonderful!!!

Keri, one of Erin's younger sisters wrote a rap song as her speech, it was so entertaining watching her three sisters perform, and watching the whole room enjoy it. It pretty much sums up their love story, so here are the lyrics...

Now this is a story all about how
Erin wound up in a wedding gown
I’d like to a take a minute and sit right here 
And tell you how we ended up at the wedding of the year

It was end of April not March not May
Erin was laying low not looking to play the game
Chillin out,  maxin  and studying late
Playing the single life not looking to date

Then signing up for match came about
There was a profile needed and she went all out
Brian was on, he was looking good
Matched 10 out of 10 like he was from the hood

The two chated a bit,neither one was shy
But Erin couldn’t stop thinking about that guy
They found something special 
They couldn’t pretend
Brian asked her out the next weekend

They took it slow but couldn’t deny
The law of gravitation their love wouldn’t defy
The first date at sushi was all it took
Eventually it was official, 
In a relationship on facebook

The days flew by
They grew closer together 
They went out on hikes or cuddled in bad weather
Erin and Brian became the best of friends
And spent lots of time at the zoo on weekends

Walks in the park and lots of soccer games
Then a move to CA their lives just weren’t the same
They moved in together and embraced the Cali way
Then Erin started dreaming about her wedding day

Brian went ring shopping on a secret date
Erin was hoping and just couldn’t wait
Brian was determined to do it his own way
5 year plan held true until the big day

When November 14 of that year rolled around
Outside the Ritz Carlton he put his knee on the ground
And right then in there with a ring in gold 
He asked Erin to marry him and with him to grow old

Since then the time has just flown by
Lots of planning lots of lots of tanning and a house they did buy
For Bachelorette party Erin was grand marshal in the parade
Now I am giving a speech as the bridesmaid

Well here we all are on your wedding night
We love you both with all our might
You make quite a pair as you already know
When you are together you both seem to glow

Always remember to treat each other with care
And don’t forget it’s love that brought you here
We know you’re going to have some really cute kids
Your new life starts tonight, let the fun begin!

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