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Sunday 27 November 2011

The Hughes Family

Kim and Alun have moved into the house my parents had been renting. Kim is an interior designer with BMID and has made some absolutely wonderful changes. It was strange to see the house looking so different. My mothers studio is now Phoebe's bedroom and my father's office has been transformed into Madison's bedroom. The dining room is a den and the living room is now the dining room too. The livingroom has the most beautiful architectural details as it was the entrance hall when it was first built. Kim has painted the walls and it is incredible how such a simple change has had such dramatic effect. I decided to do a few of the girls in their entrance hall before Alun came to join us for the family portraits outside by the pool. Thank you all for a great shoot - and Kim, thank you for showing me the house - you truly have done an amazing job.

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