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Wednesday 14 December 2011

Her name is Lola

She is a showgirl... which is not surprising as her mummy is the Director of the In Motion School of Dance, so Lola spends much of her time either in dance class, or watching the older girls at rehearsals and performing. This was the inaugural shoot at my new house. The garden is lovely an I am so pleased with the dappled light and shadow of all the vegetation. Every day Lizz would tell Lola they were coming to do the shoot, but every day something prevented it - from the weather to Nutcracker costume emergencies. But finally, we took advantage of a brief spell of sunshine and they came for a whirlwind mini session. Lola remembered my poofy cat from her last shoot and kept asking after him. Just as we finished, Enzo made an appearance, Lola followed him into the bushes and Lizz had quite a time convincing either of them to come back. Thank you both for a lovely shoot and Lola for dancing so beautifully in my garden... 

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