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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cassandra & Chris: Bermuda Wedding

They met at a block party and despite Cassandra's obvious attempts to catch his eye, Chris is shy and so he barely spoke to her. He did however, pluck up the courage a few weeks later to invite Cassandra out to breakfast - and that was that - they have been inseparable ever since. He proposed during her favourite song at A Black Keys concert in Central Park.
Cassandra says that she loves his wittiness, his blue eyes and how sentimental he is and that watching him work in the garden makes her happy. Chris says he loves her curves and her beautiful eyes, their daughter, that they have many similar views on life but that they can also talk about the things that they don't agree on. Your adoration gor eachother is just lovely; thank you both for the honour of capturing your wedding - it was an absolute pleasure.

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