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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sarah & Robert's Bermuda Wedding

They had been friends for years, but one day things changed. Sarah watched Roberto coaching his son Dominick in little league and she was touched. 
After graduating from college Sarah came to Bermuda and stayed at Greene's Guest House. She had a lovely time and when she returned earlier this year, she knew that was the perfect place for their wedding. I met them at the hotel and we wandered next door to an oleander lined driveway. They held hands as they walked, Robert gently kissed Sarah and she smiled. A little later, we went across the road to Whale Bay. I had done several shoots in the park before but I had never been to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful! It is tiny and the morning light softly illuminated the surrounding rocks and of course the sea. It really is completely different in the morning light; there is a clarity to the turquoise. So thank you Sarah, Robert and Dominick for a truly lovely morning. I hope you had yet another fabulous Bermuda holiday.


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