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Wednesday 19 March 2014

Paris - The Beginning

I arrived before dark on Monday morning and thankfully the hotel had a bed for me. I immediately curled up and sleep away most of the day. That had not been my plan! But it was cosy and I was sleepy and in the back of my mind I knew I have plenty of time to see this beautiful city. I eventually surfaced at 4pm and ventured out for a little stroll. Yesterday was a little better, though I did sleep until 11am.
Although I do plan to work while I am here, I will go out every day and get lost meandering through these streets that make me so happy. Every crumbling brick, uneven, cobbled courtyard and weathered door stop me and ask me to stay for a while. So I do. I admire the details that time and use have created and I carefully frame them with my phone. So far just my phone. But the forecast is predicting a beautiful day tomorrow so I will take my camera. Here are a few from my first two days in Paris... 

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