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Monday 19 May 2014

Lyn's Lumiere Session

Lyn came for a Lumiere session a few weeks ago. I was particularly excited about her shoot as she said that she had all sorts of goodies from her travels that we could incorporate into the shoot.
I have been playing with compositing and although I am definitely still a fledgeling, I am learning and with my new tablet, the fine tuning is so much easier.
Lyn went to FIT in New York. This stunning Kimono was her graduation piece. It is the underdress of the multilayered garment for which received the critic's choice award and that was exhibited at the school's museum of costume. Lyn was greatly influenced by the Japanese style of the late 18th century. 
This de-constructed cashmere sweather is another ode to Japanese style. She found it in the heart of Harajuki in Japan which is known as a center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. It is one of her favourite pieces as it evokes the jeune fille inside.
 While she and her husband were walking the streets of San Francisco, they happened upon a quaint little millinery shop. Lyn selected this beautiful dressage hat as homage to the horseback riding days of her childhood.

  As always, Fanan at Strands did a fabulous job with the make up...

Thank you Lyn for such a wonderful afternoon. Your Kimono is truly stunning! I can see why it won an award...

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