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Thursday 27 November 2014

Maria's Lumiere Session

"I had admired the photographs of others on your blog for a while and longed to have my own session. Anticipating making a large change to the length of my hair prompted me to finally reach out to you. I thought that having more hair would probably work well with the romantic and dreamy feeling of the Lumiere photographs. The day itself was something I've never experienced before: the pampering at Strands with full makeup and hair styling, followed by the hours spent in front of a camera lens in far fancier clothes and jewelry than I get to wear in my daily life. I did not want to see the images as we went along that day, but I did wonder if my typically un-photogenic self would provide anything you could work with. The 'big reveal' session was jaw-dropping - seeing all those photos, displayed as art in a gallery was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I thought afterwards that a Lumiere session could easily be compared to being an artist's muse for a day. It was amazing to see the result of your artist eye and to have you turn your imagination loose on each photo.  Thank you very much for exceeding my expectations!"

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