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Friday 17 July 2015

Two Days After the Best Day Ever

"A day after our wedding, Amanda suggested doing another shoot because she had less than five minutes alone with Chris and I because we were dying to get to the cocktail reception to see our guests. When Amanda suggested a day after shoot to capture moments without red teary eyes, sweaty clothes, and a big rush to get to the cocktail reception, at first we both didn’t love the idea of getting all done up again. We thought about it and realized we should take advantage of still being on the island and having our newlywed glows, so we did it. It was honestly the best choice we made about the whole wedding! I highly suggest it to all brides. Getting to put on my dress again, and be in the Unfinished Church with my husband, without anyone around, was completely romantic and spiritual. We were not stressed about time, and we just enjoyed each other and the shoot. Amanda makes it so easy to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and her talent is something that words really cannot describe. When she emailed us a few pictures after the shoot, I wrote back using profanity because I was so blown away. While in the church, Chris said a quiet prayer for our marriage and life together, and we were able to relive and really take in the beauty of the surroundings in which we said our vows and became husband and wife."

"Since we are such beach people, the shoot would not have been complete without a visit to the pink sand. Amanda suggested shooting at Tucker’s Point because that is where we were staying throughout the week, and also where we hosted the welcome dinner and farewell brunch.  We arrived at the beach as the sun was going down, and I have never seen the Bermudian water or sand look more picturesque. We twirled around in the sand, smooched, threw my bouquet, and just HAD FUN! Amanda had a blast too, and she kept saying, “Oh I love my job!” Afterwards, we had dinner reservations at Harbourfront, but we decided to cancel and have room service. While Chris was changing out of his wedding suit, I decorated the table with our wedding flowers and hung up the burlap sign that said “married” from our wedding getaway golf cart. We recreated the scene, and I ate dinner in my dress and veil. It truly was the perfect way to end our wedding week in Bermuda."

Thank you both for trusting my vision and coming out to play. It was truly a joy to capture your tenderness and twirls, cuddles and kisses, laughter and love!

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