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Friday 28 August 2015

A Summer Adventure

"Our family enjoys our visits to Bermuda so we wanted to capture it in a family picture.  But, when we landed in Bermuda, it was raining. The next morning we watched small yellow birds land on the limestone bricks near our hotel while we ate wahoo sandwiches. In our last visit, we hiked up to the lighthouse and then walked back along the road to the bay. Our sons took a jet ski past a fish sanctuary and saw a shipwreck and then swam with dolphins. In the evening we love to listen to wild chickens and tree frogs. But our favorite activity in Bermuda, is to spend time with our family on the beach and watch the waves. Horseshoe beach is one of our favorite places to do this so we were happy when the rain blew over. The photo shoot will now be one of our new memories of Bermuda."
I am so happy you had such a wonderful holiday and that I was able to capture some memories for you!

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