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Monday 18 April 2016

Anjuli and Tom are Engaged!

Many moons ago Anjuli's great grandmother had moved to Bermuda to be a designer at Trimingham's. Her parents also lived on the island for a time, and an aunt and uncle are living here now. So Anjuli has visited many times and with each visit becomes more enamoured. Tom had also visited as a child and loved it, so it seemed the perfect choice for their October wedding. With the wedding six months away, they had come for the weekend to get a few things sorted and thought it would also be a good time to meet, chat about the wedding and do a few engagement portraits too.
Thank you both for a fabulous shoot! 

Tom is a member of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto. He took Anjuli there for a day and towards the end of their visit took her to the precious stones and gem exhibit. He had organised with the curator to have her ring on display. She was shocked when she saw her name written in the box. 

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