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Saturday 22 October 2016

Lorelei in Bermuda

"Enchanted by the natural beauty of the Bermudian island I choose to celebrate life with a photo shoot.  I was intrigued by her sense of the world and her view of finding pure joy in the natural imperfections of life. I wanted to create an image of myself in this natural raw state of splendor thus becoming a part of the world. Imagery is so powerful and it is interesting and fun to view and create ourselves in the world we live in! Having gone through a total hip replacement three years ago I was even more delighted to be on the island for a barre retreat at the newly opened exhale spa. Every part of the experience is growth.  We can go where we want, we can be who we want we can live how we wish, if we are brave and find the possibilities."
Thank you Lorelei for a wonderful afternoon!

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