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Monday, 6 November 2017

Katie & Carlyle's New York Wedding

The sky was dark, but the light and joy between these two was absolutely beautiful. The day had been a bit of a frenzy, but once Katie walked down the aisle and took Carlyle's hand, all was calm. They whispered the vows they had written to each other and although none of us could hear anything, we could see everything. Their love, their adoration, their commitment, their laughter and their tears. 
Thank you both for having me be a part of your wedding. It was an honour.
The rooftop terrace of The Press Lounge at Ink 48 hotel was the perfect backdrop for their wedding, with its stunning 360° views of the city.

Katie's friend Marie Francois Brice made the bouquet's.

Katie decided that sparkly sneakers would be way more comfortable that heels, and fun for their daughter Sydney to have a pair too.

Leo Eley did a fabulous job with Katie and her bridesmaid, Tokii's hair and make up.

I first met Katie though Alexandra Mosher. They were childhood friends. When Katie left Bermuda they lost touch, but reconnected and a few years later Katie and I were bridesmaids at Alexandra's 2014 wedding in Bermuda. Katie chose Alexandra's melt collection to give to her bridesmaids and flowergirls.

Katie's gown was by Romona Keveza.

Greg, one of Carlyle's groomsmen brought Carlyle's wedding gift and Alexandra took Katie's gift to Carlyle.

Katie and Carlye's rings were designed by Salvatore & Co. Carlyle also commissioned them to create a cowbell charm. Katie' was pretty amused to open the box and see the adorable charm. Inspired by an SNL sketch with Christopher Walken.

Alexandra's dress is by Hayley Paige and Tokii's jumpsuit is by BHLDN.

First looks are my absolute favourite! The anticipation and then the glee, the hugs and the tender sweet few moments together are so touching and a joy to photograph.

Sadly Tchad, was ill and not able to make the wedding. So they put his photo on a stick, and voila, Katie's dad was able to double as father of the bride and missing groomsman.

Carlyle's suit was by The Tailory.

Sydney had had a wee meltdown just before everyone was ready to go down the aisle. But with a bit of singing of her favourite song all was well. This is the moment she stopped crying - Tokii's face is priceless.

Tokii's speech was amazing! I don't know Katie that well, but it was wonderful to hear Tokie tell her tale, from sharing an apartment together fresh out of school to this day.

The Bermuda crew - Alexandra, Darren, Alia and Laura.

They had a video booth set up on the west balcony by Slo Mo. It was so much fun to watch the guests having a blast with all the props and then their laughter as they watched the mini five second clip at the end. 

These wee wedding cakes were made by Candice Oglesby and apparently they are the best cup cakes ever... I'm allergic to banana so was advised to keep away...

What a truly magical day! From the first drop of rain to the last kiss! Thank you for such a fabulous weekend!

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