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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Concepts in Motion

The In Motion School of Dance has a company of dancers called Concepts. I photographed the dress rehearsal of their last show and I have to say I was moved, truly moved. The pieces were strong, meaningful, beautiful. There was a wonderful use of negative space - the huge stage with one tiny dancer really appealed to me, so many of these images highlight that. 
Thank you all again for such an amazing performance...

Dear New Orleans Choreographed by Lauren Bothelo

 Everyone says college is the best time of your life. A few weeks into my freshman year at Tulane University, I knew this would be true. I immediately fell in love with New Orleans and all it had to offer. Seeing Hurricane Katrina devastate the city I loved so much was hard to watch. Coming back for my second semester sophomore year was when I began to truly see the impact. I'll never forget doing Habitat for Humanity projects in the Ninth Ward, and seeing kids' toys amongst the debris and spray painted signs saying "everyone inside dead". Dear, New Orleans is a tribute to New Orleans, an ode to a city that left me such lasting memories, and a plea to fix her.

All These Things Choreographed by Candice Musselman

As a choreographer I am very moved and inspired by music.  When it’s the right song, I know instantly because I am able to envision the entire piece in my head.  “All These Things” was choreographed on a plane, as I was traveling a lot at the time.  The idea behind my piece and the feeling I associated with it would be someone going through a struggle.  Whether it’s moving on from your past, struggling with a person, or a chapter in your life.....we can all relate.  Each dancer brought the choreography to life in their own unique way, and this made the piece so real and authentic.  I also put a lot of thought into my lighting design to highlight each dancer and give the piece a ghostly feel, as dancers would appear and disappear throughout the stage.

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