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Saturday 10 August 2013

Lisa & Vinny: Bermuda Wedding

I think it may have been the hottest day of the summer. But despite the intense heat, Lisa and Vinny had a magical wedding day. Their ceremony was at Jobson's Cove and afterwards, we strolled over to Stonehole Bay where they met the horse and carriage to take them back to the Reefs for their reception.
They met 11 years ago and got engaged on 16th December 2010. They did not realise until after the wedding that both their engagement and wedding were on Thursdays. And knowing that it is a tradition on Bermuda to get married on Thursdays, it was even more special for them. They came to Bermuda on a cruise a year ago and fell in love with the island and Jobson's Cove and knew then that it would be the perfect place for their wedding.
I hope you all had a wonderful evening and a fabulous holiday in Bermuda. It was a pleasure to photograph your beautiful wedding.

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