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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Walking at Night

Paris never sleeps. The streets are alive all the time, with light, with people wandering, and with endless merriment at street side cafés. I ventured out to Galeries Lafayette the other night, stopped for supper on the way back and then slowly walked home. I passed a dog park on the way and met Didier from Martinique. He too had paused to watch the dogs play. We chatted for a bit and then parted ways. People can be stand-offish in big cities, but every now and then one meets a friendly stranger. We talked about the dogs and then about doors and drainpipes. I told him that I find such beauty in their wear and tear and that I look at each as a piece of art, created by time, the weather and every person that has touched them. 

I was invited by a Parisian friend to have supper in Montmartre at the home of an Australian author and her son. I decided to head up a little early and wander around for a bit. I love watching the painters at work and the performers on the steps of Sacre Coeur. 

I went to London on the weekend for a couple shoots - those will be up in a few weeks. Sadly I got terribly ill yesterday, and so this is the only photo I took today as I dragged myself out to the bakery to get a baguette. I hope I will feel better tomorrow as the forecast is lovely...

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