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Saturday 7 June 2014

JoAnn & Christopher's Bermuda Wedding

The wind was howling, and just after I arrived it started to rain. We hid under cover and waited for JoAnn and Christopher to appear. Despite the ify weather, I had convinced them that they should have the wedding on the beach. That is why we all love Bermuda and even when it is grey and stormy, it is still absolutely beautiful. Thank you both for braving the elements, it was an honour to capture your happiness!
"We have been best friends for 10 years and decided that to marry our best friend and spend our lives together forever was all we really needed. The big wedding planning started as did all of the stress and aggravation that goes along with it. The wedding list kept growing. We just kept focusing on our honeymoon in Bermuda whenever the planning got difficult. Alone on a beach with our feet in the sand saying our vows without the stresses of a crowded wedding soon came into view for both of us. It felt a little selfish at first, but as we dreamed out loud about it to each other, it felt so perfect.
With our honeymoon already planned for Bermuda, we told everyone we were just going on a vacation to check out the island and secretly made plans to marry at Pompano Beach while we were there."
"We were determined to marry on the night of our arrival and wake up on our honeymoon. Upon arriving in Bermuda, the day proved to be cloudy, very windy and rainy, but the dream was stronger than anything mother nature could dish out. Next we learned that the hairdresser was a no show and realized that most of the makeup was left behind in a bag in the States. It didn’t matter a bit. The intimate loving ceremony on the beach we had dreamed of was all that we wanted, and nothing else seemed to matter. It turned out to be everything we dreamed of and even more. Barefoot on the beach, the rest of the world disappeared as the vows were recited.  The wedding was perfect in every way."

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