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Friday 18 July 2014

Annie & Brian: Bermuda Wedding

I first met Annie a year ago at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. She just beamed with excitement as we discussed their wedding and I knew their celebration would be a delight to photograph. And it was, they were so filled with smiles and laughter that by the end of the day my cheeks were hurting. Thank you both for making me smile...
"Brian and I met at work, almost 9 years ago. We went to Paris, just before Valentines Day last year. The trip almost didn't happen because a blizzard shut down all the airports on the East Coast. Luckily we got out only a few days delayed! Brian claims that he almost proposed on the spot the minute we found out the flights were cancelled, just to see me smile (thankfully he waited because the trip and engagement turned out to be a fairy tail once we got out of NY!)"

"Our "signature" cocktail was a drink that one of my bridesmaids had concocted for me last summer at a pool party - vodka, pink lemonade, and champagne - not only was it bubbly and refreshing, but the color matched the hotel and my shoes!"

"My bridesmaids and I got ready in the Penthouse Suite, so we were able to watch all morning as the grounds got set up and even as the first guests arrived for the ceremony - which was so much fun!"

"My bridesmaids all wore Alexandra Mosher necklaces which I had given them as gifts at the Rehearsal dinner. I picked out a unique one for each girl and so each was special in its own way."

"Brian was determined to wear the traditional Bermuda socks, despite my repeated insistence that he didn't have the legs to pull it off :-) But when he snuck pink mens socks in the groomsmen gift bags at the last minute (to go with the Rayban Wayfarers he had gotten each of his guys), I knew I wouldn't win.  But in the end, watching them all change into the socks immediate following the ceremony was one of the highlights of the day!"

"We knew the most important part of our wedding for us would be having an absolutely awesome party with our friends and family.  When we first set out to plan event in New York, we quickly realized all the time, stress, and pressure that goes into planning this one perfect evening - and that's when we decided on a destination wedding.  Why not spread the event out over multiple days spent in the sun?!
In July 2013, we visited the island for a long weekend to scout out wedding location options.  Right then and there, enjoying cocktails from our pastel Adirondack chairs and watching the sunset, we knew this was the place we just had to bring our friends and family to enjoy. 

And now that its passed, we can't imagine having done it any other way! We truly feel like it was a four day extravaganza - one of our favorite memories is sitting at the lobby bar on Thursday, welcoming guests as they arrived by the taxi full! We think its fair to say that we accomplished our mission of throwing one big vacation party - rumor has it that the hotel had to order in extra rum swizzle mix just to keep up with our guests :-)  We can't think of any other time in our lives that we're likely to have 80 of our closest friends and family from all over come together at the same hotel in a beautiful location to celebrate and relax, and it was truly an incredible experience and the best way we can think of to celebrate our love and all of the love and support that surrounds us!
The running joke among our friends has now become the fact that Bermuda is going to have to be an annual event - there is already a countdown to "The Holland Friends & Family Bermuda Classic 2015"!  We're pretty sure its only like 10% "joke" at this point..."

 When Annie and Brian first viewed the grounds where their wedding would take place construction on the marina had not begun. They were aware of the plans, but thought it would be completed before the wedding. So their beautiful harbour view was a little interesting to the West, so we thought it would be rather amusing to have a crane in the background. Luckily it was gorgeous the other way...

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