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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ron & Cristin: Bermuda Wedding

As Ron and Cristin walked barefoot in the sand after exchanging their vows they raised their arms and exclaimed their joy. The weather had not been nice in the morning, but it cleared and the afternoon was delightful. Thank you both for a lovely day, it was a pleasure to capture your happiness...
"Cristin and I met about 5 years ago when one of her friends was trying to set me up with another young lady.  Cristin came along to make it less awkward. Unfortunately, there was no chemistry with the other young lady, but for some reason there was chemistry with Cristin.  She had a boyfriend back home in the Phlippines at the time, I vowed to stay away, but we became friends anyway. Some time passed and before I knew it she had toiletries in my bathroom and clothes hanging in my closet.  From that point on the rest is history.

Fast forward to my proposal on Horseshoe Beach. I had been planning it for months and when the time finally came, the weather was a bit iffy.  I asked her to go for a run on the beach but the weather was turning her off.  I wasn’t going to take no for an answer and managed to convince her.  We arrived at Horseshoe and I told her my stomach wasn’t feeling well and to start the run without me and I would catch up.  This was my tiny white lie to get the preparations in order.  I met a friend who would be the one to help me plant the message in the bottle along the beach where hopefully Cristin would find it.  As we walked back along the beach, I was nervous as to whether she would find it as we were getting dangerously close to the end. Luckily she did. At first she was hesitant to open the bottle and read the message, as she said, “it’s not ours.”  She finally figured it out and luckily she said yes to my proposal.  The proposal on the beach it turned out was a good enough reason for her to want to get married on the beach. 
My best man, Randy and I were running around all morning trying to get last minute things done, as grooms normally do. I mentioned that I had yet to hear for the Pastor so we thought it might be a good idea if we give him a call. Low and behold, there was a miscommunication somewhere along the way and we were not booked in his schedule. Luckily he had a time available and the crisis was averted just hours before the ceremony. 
The beach ceremony turned out exactly as Cristin had envisioned it. Outside of the flower girl not wanting to go down the aisle on her own before the bride, everything went exactly as planned and Mother Nature cooperated as well. Cristin caught me off guard with some vows she had written and the I, being ill-prepared, ended up taking one for the team. 
And as they say, everything after that is “love and laughter, and happily ever after.”

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