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Friday 3 October 2014

A Celebration for Giada

"Marc and I wanted to welcome our first born daughter, Giada, into the world in a special way, but a traditional church blessing ceremony just didn't feel right for our family. I was raised Seventh Day Adventist and Marc was raised Catholic. At this time, we don't attend church regularly although we still uphold many of the traditions. So, we decided to have a different kind of ceremony outside of a church. The spiritual feeling of nature itself felt just right for us. Our venue ended up being our family backyard which was intimate, cozy and perfect for us. We asked all of our close family and friends to wear nothing but white and gather in a circle as the Pastor gave the Blessing for Giada. We were concerned about the rainy weather, but thankfully it all cleared up right when we were ready to begin her ceremony. The day was gorgeous as was Giada."
It had rained all day. I remember driving to Giada's celebration, the windscreen wipers were on high and I was absolutely dreading trying to shoot 50 people inside on a dark, rainy day. And then the sky cleared. It was amazing; there was a little rainbow and I was happy. Thank you all for including me. It has been an honour to photograph this incredible journey for the three of you.

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