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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Kate's Lumiere Session

I had the pleasure of creating a Lumiere session for Kate. She was vivacious, warm, and just lovely to photograph. Thank you Kate for being such a breath of fresh air.
"A 40th birthday is a milestone for anyone and this photo shoot was a way to treat myself and to capture 'me' in images that I can keep forever. Like many women who have spent the last several years raising small children, the focus has been on them. I am very blessed to feel great at 40. I have my wonderful husband, two healthy, happy children, my parents and extended family, my health, a job and our home - there really is nothing more I need or wish for. But time marches on at a very rapid rate, things change and I wanted to capture my spirit at this time in my life.
The photo shoot was really empowering and much more in many ways than I expected. I was pampered beforehand with hair, make-up and a manicure. And then Amanda was just fabulous in directing as I had no idea what to do. But soon, I felt completely relaxed and it was incredibly freeing to just enjoy being a woman. I am thrilled with the magic she weaved with these images and am so glad I did it; it was a once in a lifetime experience to indulge in and so worth it. Every woman should have a chance to feel this special! Thank you Amanda x"
Before - on the wall at my house, and then with a bit of magic, Kate is twirling through the entrance hall at the Palace of Versailles.

When we spoke about the shoot, Kate had said she envisioned herself playing the piano in a forest. The Bermuda High School kindly let us borrow their piano. Sadly, I did not really have any forest photos, and forests in Bermuda are few and far between anyway. But with Gonzalo tearing through the island, it made finding anything remotely resembling a forest pretty tricky. This was taken at the arboretum and was really the only corner that was not completely shredded.

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