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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Sam's Lumiere Session

I have photographed Sam many times over the years. As part of the In Motion recitals many times, but most recently, Sam was the violin playing dancer in the Versailles Butterfly piece I created for The Bermuda Festival's 40th anniversary. But this time, the Lumiere Portrait Session was a gift for Sam from her mother. Sam is always such a joy to work with, so thank you for yet another fabulous shoot!
"There is a huge oil pastel drawing of my older sisters hanging in our dining room. So part of the reason I wanted to have Amanda take pictures of me is to have something that can hang on the wall next to them. Amanda is in some of my ballet classes and has taken lots of pictures for In Motion over the years so she knows me well. But I had such a fun time doing this shoot because it was not just about dance, it was about me. I have become very fond of Amanda's work and I am so happy that I was finally able to do this shoot. Thank you so much Amanda for taking the time to make these photos so amazing and beautiful. They mean so much to me and my family!"

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