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Saturday 28 November 2015

Baby Isabella

"Kimmie and I chose not to find out the sex of our baby until it was born and so we weren't exactly ready to name the child once we first laid eyes on her. So we decided to wait a couple of days to assess baby Daniels' vibe and finally we have decided, but first we wish to share the reasoning behind it."
We wanted a name that was phonetically complementary with Giada Anjoli. Kim and I are both fascinated by numerology, which also features in Giada's name, and so considering everything in life is binary at its base (0's and 1's) we realized that Giada, Kim and I all share a similar binary code. If you look at the alphabet and call "A" #1 and "B" #0 and "C" #1 and so forth, then you will see that G, K, and M are all 1's. They also move in sequence. But there is a letter missing, "I" (I n I).
So with that said we thought that we would first consider names beginning with "I". Instantaneously, while positioned in different parts of the house we whatsapped one another (don't judge us) and typed "Isabella", which is a name used in various forms across the world for queens and princesses, which some research suggests means: "pledged to God".
Kim then thought of the middle name "Brielle" which is of Hebrew origin and commonly used in French tongues, and which connotes "God is my strength".
"Izzy-Irie's" beauty, poise and temperament resemble still waters just like her Momma, whereas Giada was pure fire from day one, just like her Dadda."

Thank you for another lovely shoot, your daughters are wonderful! xo

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