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Monday 8 August 2016

Sweet Savannah

"There has been so much transition in our life before baby Savannah was due to be born. Darren started a new job, and one week before her arrival we bought and moved into our new home!  Life was hectic to say the least.
Savannah was born July 1st at 8:58am weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces. Through my pregnancy she was such a gentle presence and now is such a gentle baby. Our family is in love for the second time.  Her big brother Marcus took some time to warm up to having a little sister however now he walks around the house saying 'Baby Savannah' and often showers her with kisses.  
Life has become very busy having two children and being the independent spirits they are, the children decided to do their own thing during the photo shoot! We all went with the flow of things, and it again taught me to let go, and enjoy these precious moments."
It was lovely meeting your family and your children are just beautiful! Thank you for the honour of capturing this special time.

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