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Wednesday 17 August 2016

The Ritter Family Reunion

"It was so wonderful to be back in Bermuda after a five year hiatus. We have spent the last few June vacations visiting some US destinations. While all beautiful, Bermuda is still where we love and enjoy spending our time! Extra special are the birthdays we’ve celebrated there - 5 - sometimes 6 - people every year for a total of 18 years!  That’s a lot of celebrating! My favorite was when I turned 40 and we were staying at Horizons. With so many weddings there, it wasn’t unusual to see a horse and carriage. I naturally thought the bride and groom would be getting on board soon. As the whole family were walking to dinner “ up on the hill”, the driver asked Don and I if we wanted to hop on. After some resistance from me (I didn’t want to interfere with the bride!), I gave in and off we went to Four Ways!  It was a great surprise to me - but not to everyone else! I can’t believe the family could keep a secret like that! Bumble has also celebrated her 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays there too. She is such a kind, thoughtful and loving lady. We are all very blessed to have her as our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother!"
Thank you all for a great shoot - despite the howling wind it was an absolutely lovely day at the beach!

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