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Monday 1 July 2013

Melissa & Brian: Bermuda Wedding

They met in third grade, were together in fourth grade and sixth grade and then got together again in 11th grade. They grew up together and although they have both changed so much over the years, they always end up growing ever closer and more in love.
Over the years, when Brian has been elated or frustrated or over joyed or sad, he would ask Melissa "What an I going to do with you?" and her response was always the same, "Marry Me." He would sometimes ask what he would say if they were to get married and Melissa told him he'd have to marry her to find out. So on their wedding day, as they walked under the moongate, he asked her, "What am I going to do with you? and she whispered in his ear, "Grow old together."

Melissa said that The Reefs was more beautiful than she imagined, that their dinner was superb and that everyone that worked on the wedding was exceptional. It really is a stunning property and one of my favourite places to shoot.
Thank you Melissa and Brian for a lovely afternoon; it was a pleasure to meet you both and an honour to capture your beautiful wedding. 

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