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Sunday 7 July 2013

Wabi Sabi

My first solo show at Masterworks opened on the 27th of June. After labouring for almost a year, it really was wonderful to finally see all the work hung together. 
The exhibition runs through 17 July. I do hope you'll get a chance to stop by; they really do shimmer in real life. And if you'd like to chat about the work, I plan to be in the gallery on Tuesday the 9th from 12-2pm and Wednesday the 17th from 3-4pm.
Below are a couple shots from the gallery and photos of each of the pieces. And to give you a little more detail and background, here and here are links to my last two blog posts on the show...

 Fiddlehead Heart 12x12

 Fiddlehead 18x18

 Astrantia 12x12

 Heaven Scent 36x26

 On the Verge of Death 18x18

 Dahlia 36x24

 The Star of the Show 30x40

 Dandelion Days 12x12

 Apples 30x30

 Weightless 12x12

 Saturday 24x24

 The Elegance of the Urchin 24x24

 50 Shades of Grey 36x36

 Aristotle's Lantern 24x24

Driftwood Pear 58x48

 Constellation 24x24

 Etoiles 12x12

 What came first, the seed or the flower? 12x12

Yellow Underbelly 12x12

 The King and Queen 12x12

A Pair of Pods 36x24

 Wide Sargasso Sea I 24x24

Les Miserables 12x12

 Tidal Pool 12x12

Blue Bird 12x12

Cheshire 12x12

 Wide Sargasso Sea II 36x36

Summer Snow 12x12

Lost and Found 10x10

 Dioxygen 12x12

Morillo's Bottle 36x48

 Elias 18x18

On the Sunny Side of the Street 18x18

Make a Wish 10x10

Gable 10x10 
 Buoys at Waterville 10x10

 Stata Nova 10x10

 Rhubarb Crumble 10x10

Marco Solo 10x10

Venetian Time 20x20 

Before Evita 20x20

 The Hitching Post 20x20

Wabi Sabi 12x12

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