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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Itty Bitty Baby

Judith decided to come early; two months early much to her parents surprise. So she spent her first five weeks in the hospital. Finally, she was able to come home and now Susan and Paschal are overjoyed to have their little family together at last. I normally prefer to photograph babies when they are sleeping as when they are tiny they wiggle so. But Judith was awake - wide awake and really had no intention of sleeping with a visitor there. So Susan cradled her, and gently rocked her and finally, after almost an hour Judith drifted off for a few minutes. So today Susan brought Judith to me to have another go. And again, it took a while but our patience did pay off as nothing is more adorable than a sleeping baby.
Here are a few of our last session and I'll post a few from today's shoot soon...

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