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Sunday 30 December 2012

Michael & Moon - Bermuda Wedding

Following his graduation Michael's nephew was due to go travelling with friends. But circumstances prevented them from going, so Andrew decided to embark on the trip alone. This brave move inspired Michael. He had always wanted to make the voyage to Vietnam, but could not find anyone to join him. So following Andrew's example, Michael set off. He was put in touch with Moon and a friend of hers who helped him plan the trip. They exchanged a few emails and it was not long before a friendship developed. When Michael arrived in Nha trang, Moon was at the airport - it was love at first sight. Moon showed Michael the sights, took him on a culinary tour and eventually introduced him to her family. Michael knew after that trip that Moon was "The One". For the next 18 months they spent hours on Skype and Yahoo messenger and travelled back and forth seven times. Michael had the proposal perfectly planned. It was a warm summer evening; they had supper on the beach at The Reefs, and afterwards, Michael was to drop to one knee in the sand and ask Moon to be his wife. The heavens opened however, and the torrential rain, thunder and lightening put a damper on Michael's plan. On the way home, the sky cleared so they stopped at Elbow Beach for that sandy stroll. The lightening was still striking and salt spray filled the air, so Michael decided he'd better hurry and pop the question before the rain returned. Just as Michael proposed, a huge wave rushed to the shore and Moon ran away. But, as you can tell, she did come back and said "Yes!"

It is very rare that brides and grooms get ready together. But it was lovely to see Michael and Moon help each other get dressed. Moon wore a traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai - red signifies good luck in Vietnamese culture.

Thank you both for the honour of being a part of your wedding. It was truly a pleasure to capture your genuine adoration for each other...

Saturday 22 December 2012


So I am officially the crazy chicken lady... and the crazy cat lady...
You may remember my post in July about this wee yellow poof ball I found in the road...

Well that was five months ago. Here she is now... 

She is the most amusing pet. She sits on the arm of my chair while I work, then, when it suits her, she will wander out into the garden. Her gentle clucking is wonderfully calming and the way she turns her ear skyward when planes pass makes me chuckle.
I never thought I'd have a pet chicken, but her feathers are so incredibly soft and even Enzo - my gorgeous cat, does not seem to mind her... Now does anyone know when chickens start laying eggs?

Friday 14 December 2012


As you may have seen, I have been helping Nikki Begg give her floral company Petals some love. We have been working tirelessly for over a month - we have a new Petals blog, a new Petals website and have given their Park Road studio a make-over. And today, there is a story in the business section of the Royal Gazette. 
Nikki, I am so grateful; it has been such a pleasure working on this project. After crumbling buildings, flowers are my favourite thing to shoot; and the beautiful blooms that fill my house each week have brought me such joy.
Here is a photo of the two of us that my fabulously talented sister Sacha Blackburne shot to accompany the newspaper article. Sacha thank you for your endless support and love!!!

Thursday 13 December 2012

The Lovely Lola

Another fun session with little miss Lola in my garden. Lola, thank you - your curls make me smile and the way those big brown eyes of yours gaze into the distance is just beautiful...

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Teeny Tiny Blake

It was love at first sight. Three years later they were married, and just over three weeks ago they had their first baby. They decided not to find out if the baby was a boy or girl, opting for the ultimate surprise on the day. Most of their friends and family guessed right, and a tiny boy was born on November 19th. He is of course, the most beautiful baby Kevin or Angela have ever seen. But I have seen lots of babies - and they are not far off - Blake is totally adorable. The next step was to introduce Blake to thier furry baby Slash, but luckily, the pup is also pretty enamoured with Blake. Thank you all for a lovely morning and I hope you have a magical first Christmas together.

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