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Saturday 28 September 2013

Hayley and Simon's Bermuda Wedding

The day was filled with laughter and love. Simon was a dashing groom and Haley was an absolutely stunning bride. I arrived to find her surrounded by her bridesmaids and eager to get into her dress and walk down the aisle. She was a tiny bit nervous, but said that as soon as they were in the golf cart heading to the ceremony that turned into excitement. "The bridesmaids looked so beautiful, my Mum was there and she was beaming, the flowers were stunning and even my brother scrubbed up well... I could not have felt happier; I think the smile on my face said it all." With the intense summer heat, Hayley had feared her ring would not fit, but when Simon managed to successfully slide it on her finger she was ecstatic.
After the ceremony, we quickly headed to the beach, as off in the distance was an enormous black cloud. I had estimated we had about twenty minutes. We were under the rock for the last few photos and I could not see the horizon, or the proximity of the squall, so the heavens did open and we had to scramble up to the clubhouse. There was then a torrential storm and all the guests huddled together under the tent. But soon the sky cleared and there was a lovely sunset. After I left there were more squalls and the thunder and lightening were incredible. At one point Hayley says she was sure the tent would fly away like a scene from The Wizard of Oz.
Thank you both for a wonderfully eventful afternoon. Your happiness and true adoration for each other was an absolute pleasure to photograph...

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