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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Paris - A Merry Go Round

I like to mark my days by photographing a building number. They are so varied here that it is not only easy to find something different every day, but I think these photos are quite lovely on their own, not just to remind me of the days. I spent most of the day at my desk but had plans to meet a friend that evening so I left over an hour early so I could stroll past the Louvre and watch the sunset from the Jardins des Tuileries. I shot with my phone but wished I had my camera to catch the subtleties in the reds. When I came home that evening, I found my camera had been in my bag the whole time... ooops. Oh well, I assume there will be a few more lovely sunsets in the next three weeks...

 It was about 43°F - far too cold to be sitting outside, let alone playing the cello. He played so beautifully though, that I had to stop for a while. But I soon began to shiver, so I dropped 5 euros in his hat and hurried on.

The next morning I set off pretty early again and wandered past the vast open square in front of the Mairie du 4eme. The merry-go-round was already twirling and humming its tune. I don't ever plan my route as I am not yet familiar enough with the streets, but when I returned that evening I did happen upon the square again. The merry go round was still singing but now it was glowing too...

 The Jardins Luxembourg are just lovely. The poppies, were aflame so I knelt close to capture their glow. Other beds were planted with the most exquisite orange and yellow parrot tulips, yellow frittilaria and daffodils, but they were gated and guarded. 

Today is my sister, Sacha's birthday. I was not planning to go out as it was raining and I have been feeling a little woozy for the last two days. But I wanted to find her a 25. So off I set... It never occurred to me that I would spend an hour in the rain walking up and down rue after rue desperately trying to find an interesting 25. Seriously, they were all so dull, or worse, missing altogether!
Finally I found this one - it is not earth shattering, but I was wet and shivering so it will have to do. So Sacha, happy birthday! I hope you are having a wonderful day... xoxo

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