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Monday 27 March 2017

Annika's Gift

Annika wanted to do give her hair to Locks of Love and St Baldrick's as she said she'd like to help people that have cancer and have lost their hair. She is also very generous and for her birthday, rather than receiving gifts, she prefers to make charitable donations. But before the big day, Annika and her mother thought it would be wonderful to capture some portraits with her gorgeous curls. Gillian asked her after the shoot how she felt and she said she felt calm by the sea and enjoyed the sound of the waves. and that she felt happy in the grotto and in the garden as all the colours made her feel. Annika was just adorable, and such a delight to be around. She was open, and tender and at the end of our first shoot she stood on the wall with the wind blowing her hair and I could hear her gently humming. It was so sweet; she was in her own little world, but entirely present at the same time. Thank you Annika, for your kind heart, and for being such a wonderful little model!

Thursday 23 March 2017

The Coldest Day

It was one of the coldest, windiest days of the year. But the sun was shining and as we had rescheduled several times already, we decided to brave the elements and go for it. I was freezing, my nose and eye's were watering, but Sebastien, Vanessa and Emanuella looked fabulous! Emanuella was absolutely delightful and happy to run up and down the beach, build a sand castle and even put her toes in the sea. Thank you for a lovely afternoon; I actually had a wonderful time, despite the cold and was grateful to be outside after days of hiding under the covers! xo

Sunday 19 March 2017

Nancy and Ken's Bermuda Wedding

Months ago Nancy had planned a Bermuda getaway with her three daughters. At the last minute, Ken suggested they get married in Bermuda. Nancy agreed and they were married on Jobson's Cove surrounded by their five children. It was a lovely afternoon with laughter, a few tears, and to celebrate, Champagne. It was a pleasure to meet you all and an honour to capture your lovely wedding!

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