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Friday 31 July 2015

The Findlay Family in Bermuda

Jennifer had lived in Bermuda for a few years and met Donal when they were both here. Her parents and sister had visited her a few times and the whole family is very fond of the island. So for Bruce's 70th birthday they thought a Bermuda holiday would be a wonderful way to celebrate. Donal and Jennifer are also expecting their first child so it was a perfect opportunity to capture a few maternity portraits while we were at it.
Thank you all for a lovely afternoon, I hope you had an amazing time being back on the island!

Tuesday 28 July 2015

In Motion 2015

Each year between the two show weekends I meet up with the In Motion students and teachers for a shoot. I photograph a few of the dress rehearsals too, but it is tricky as they move so quickly and the lighting changes rapidly. This shoot gives them a chance to pose and to play. Each year I marvel at how much the youngsters have improved and grown as dancers, and at the creativity of the choreography and costumes. This year was no exception. Thank you all for a fun shoot!

They do still have some spaces available at their summer camps. For details check out inmotion.bm.
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