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Tuesday 24 December 2013

The Blue Butterflies

I have watched Alexandra bloom. She started making jewellery about nine years ago and right from the start I loved her pieces. Just yesterday, I wore a pair of earrings that she made for me while we sat at Harbour nights together in 2006. Now her work is far more sculptural and dramatic. She creates beautiful works of art in wax and then has them cast in Sterling silver. Her casters have said that she is a rare artist and that very few jewellers make anything by hand these days as everything is designed on the computer.
We were in New York together six weeks ago and I bought yard after yard of velvet and tulle in silver, fuscia, chocolate, and my favourite, this blue steel. It is perfect with Alexandra's oxidised pieces. 
I have been experimenting with compositing in Photoshop. I photographed Rachel against a white wall then photographed the sky and the necklace separately. All of the butterflies are the same necklace that Rachel is wearing.

Rachel very kindly volunteered to be our model. I have now photographed Rachel four times this year. We did an engagement session with Will in March, a Lumiere portrait in May which we made a book as a wedding present for her husband and of course their wedding in August. Kylah Tear did her make up and Rachel suggested that she'd be the perfect person to work on this shoot too. And thankfully, Kylah agreed to work her magic. Thank you both so much for your time...

Rough cut aquamarine necklace with oxidised Sterling silver hand cut forged butterfly

Freshwater pearl bracelet with oxidised silver hand cut forged butterfly, with matching ring 
Aventurine and catseye necklace with oxidised Sterling silver chain and cast flower 
Hand cut and forged oxidised Sterling silver flower rings

Oxidised silver leaf earrings
Flora Collection hand sculpted flowers Sterling silver with light blue aquamarine stone accents  
Caviar Collection Sterling silver cuff
Melt Collection Sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklace 
Caviar collection cuff in Sterling silver
Melt Collection freshwater pearl earring and necklace in Sterling silver
I made this bouquet with ferns and vines from my garden and Freesia, Parrot tulips and Anemones from Petals.

Lacy leaf earrings in oxidised Sterling silver and blue green chalcedony
Hand cut butterfly necklace and bracelet in brushed semi-oxidised Sterling silver with rose quartz

Sterling silver leaf earrings
Bouquet of David Austin roses
Caviar Cuff in Sterling silver

Sunday 22 December 2013

Four Generations

It is not often that I have the pleasure of photographing families with four generations, so it really was wonderful to shoot the Triminghams all together. So thank you all for a lovely afternoon...

Saturday 21 December 2013

Megan's Light

Megan and I met under the banyon tree at Southlands for her Lumiere Portrait session. The dappling through the trees was lovely and cast beautiful soft light on Megan. We then headed over to Stonehole Bay for the sunset. We started in the parking lot where we were slightly terrorised by many a munchkin tearing around on their tricycles. But once we wandered onto the sand it was peaceful, and quiet. I do love the beaches at this time of year, they are deserted and the sea is oh so blue.
Thank you Megan for a lovely shoot...

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