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Friday 27 November 2009

Through the Looking Glass

I am extremely excited to be collaborating with Alexandra Mosher on another exhibition. We have spent the last three months working on this show and it has finally come together.
I spent the last three days at the gallery hanging 61 pieces. They are all printed on a wonderful metallic paper that really makes the images pop. And Alexandra's pieces are just gorgeous, I am so impressed at how much she has grown as an artist and at the incredible progress she has made in such a short time.
The exhibition is at The Elliot Gallery at the Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation from 26 November - 15 December. Please come to one of our Christmas shopping parties... 2, 8 & 14 December from 3pm – 6pm 5 & 12 December from 12noon - 3pm. I'd love it if you could come by...
The gallery is open Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm and Sat 10am - 2pm.
Here is the invitation and a few of my favourite images from the show...

Septagon Symphony


Felicités Fish 36

Favourite Feldspar

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Bermuda Wedding: Susan and Don

Even the wind and waves of Hurricane Ida could not stop them. Their ship left Baltimore a day late giving them one day in Bermuda instead of two. They were married at the Registrar General's office in Hamilton and we met at Stonehole Bay after the ceremony. The ceremony had also started late so we had only twenty minutes before they had to race back to Dockyard to catch the boat. They were so happy to make it there as it was their only opportunity to get to the beach. It was wonderful to let their son Conlan run around and play in the surf. All the mayhem was rather fitting as they often tell each other "it will work out, always". And this time it really did - the weather was gorgeous and they were adorable together. Thank you for a whirlwind shoot - I had fun...

Monday 23 November 2009

Baby Ryan

Alex and Sharon wanted some photographs of Ryan while he was still tiny - to show family and friends where they are living now and to show Ryan when he is older. So at just 8 weeks old we met at Stonehole Bay to capture the wee one. As Sharon is from Ireland and Alex from the US, they know they will not be in Bermuda for too long so liked the idea of going to the beach to remember their time here. They brought this lovely picnic basket and Ryan's bear - I love props - they make the session special and unique to them. Sharon was wearing a beautiful blouse that was reminiscent of times past and as it was a cloudy day, I decided to give some of the images an antique feel too. Thank you for a lovely afternoon, despite Ryan not being too happy about the heat and bright light, he looks adorable...

Saturday 21 November 2009

Bermuda Wedding: Gretchen and Bill

As the sun set and the sky turned pink, Gretchen and Bill pledged their love to each other in a lovely small ceremony on Elbow Beach. They met at work over five years ago and after being friends for three years finally took the advice of friends and family that they should get together. Bill had visited the island on business eleven years ago and was quite taken with it and following his suggestion to wed in Bermuda Gretchen was happy to oblige... I hope you all had a lovely holiday here - your wedding was just beautiful - thank you for the honour of being part of your special day.

They decided to see each other before the ceremony - I love those first few moments together - they are so tender. Bill looked so adoringly at Gretchen and she just beamed. With sunset so early in November, it was great to get all their portraits done with beautiful afternoon light. And with a small group it is nicer to be with their friends and family afterwards rather than disappear for photos.

Thursday 19 November 2009


This is Lola - she is a little firecracker. Lizz warned me that she hardly ever smiles and is a very serious child so not to worry if we did not get happy, smiley, baby pictures. But she has such beautiful, intense dark eyes, that her face is just lovely - even without a smile. She is incredibly curious and wandered everywhere and inspected everything. At the end of the shoot we managed to keep her still for about two minutes. She had found a votive candle so Lizz and Che sang along to "Happy Birthday". And then a tiny miracle - she actually smiled - even laughed for a bit. Thank you for a fun morning - and a workout - chasing after Lola was great exercise...

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