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Tuesday 20 January 2015

Setting Up Shop...

I have been meaning to create an online shop for 8 months. But the last 8 months have been manic!
Now, in the peace, and chill, of winter, I am finally doing it! I have begun the colossal task of sorting through my images. I want to take my time and choose carefully so that the gallery is beautifully curated and browsing will be a joy.
I may ask for help along the way, so please, if you have constructive criticism, I'd love feedback...

Sunday 18 January 2015

Itty Bitty Addy

"We were able to bring home the most wonderful gift on Christmas day - our precious baby girl, Adele Lauren Botelho, better known as Addy. She was born on December 23rd, 2014 weighing in at 7lbs and measuring 19.5 inches. We fell in love immediately!

Our lives no longer resemble what they used to. Nowadays we are knee deep in laundry, constantly changing diapers, and running on very little sleep but we are enjoying the ride and looking forward to watching little Miss Addy grow!"
It was wonderful to meet your beautiful bundle of love, thank you for a lovely morning...

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Ruby, her Mummy and the Bump

Ruby and Linda came to visit last week. Ruby had a wonderful time - she listened to the sea through the sea shell I had on my porch, stroked Saturday's soft feathers and watered my lawn. Then we popped over to Elbow Beach as Linda was keen to have a few photographs of them playing on the beach. But Ruby was oh so full of beans so it turned into Linda chasing Ruby and trying to prevent her from running into the ocean fully dressed. Ruby did go into the sea in the end as Linda realised there was no winning that battle. Thank you for a lovely morning and I am looking forward to meeting the newest member of your family...

Saturday 3 January 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

Alex had his family come to visit for the holidays so it was the perfect time to capture them all together.  Jim and Maria came over from the UK and David, Nina, Jack and Ella came from Washington DC, so the sunny Bermuda weather was a particular treat. We met at Stonehole Bay and it was so hot and sunny that I decided we should take most of the photos in the shade. I do love this dappled bay grape pathway. 
Priscillia said that Milo's favourite part of the shoot was that he could stick his tongue out. Although I did not actually notice at first, when I did, I shot a few frames as I think that is is the funny faces that kids make that show their character and capture them as they are. Eva later was pouting fiercely, and again, I love those images. Thank you all for a fun morning; I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas together.

I last photographed Alex, Priscillia, Theo and Milo a few years ago when Milo was a baby, so it was lovely to meet their beautiful, saucy baby sister Eva.

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