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Tuesday 29 September 2009

Bermuda Wedding: Christy and Fred

It was a glorious morning, the sky was cloudless and the humidity was incredibly high. I met Fred just inside the church and despite the intense heat, he was totally cool, calm and ready to greet his bride. Surrounded by close friends and family they exchanged vows in an emotional ceremony - they laughed, they cried, they kissed. Afterwards, we wandered through the historic town of St George's back to their guest house, Aunt Nea's Inn. They wanted to walk through the moongate there as legend has it that people who walk through the moongate, especially young lovers and honeymooners, will be blessed with good luck. I hope you had a wonderful stay in Bermuda and that you will have a future filled with good luck...

Thursday 24 September 2009

The McMullen's

Kim and Riaan were expecting their first baby and wanted to do a shoot to celebrate her pending arrival. We met at Stonehole Bay a week after Hurricane Bill had been here. The beach was a dramatic landscape with scattered Sargasso and massive limestone boulders that are normally hidden beneath five feet of sand. It was still very windy so there was a salty mist - terrible for my equipment, but just dreamy the way it diffused the late afternoon sun. Kim's belly was a beautifully round bump and she and Riaan were so tender towards each other. They seemed so serene, it was nice to just step back a little and watch them cuddle. Thank you both so much for a lovely afternoon...

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Bermuda Wedding: Kim and José

"Hey You" she answered the phone - she knew it was me calling, but I was touched by her warmth and the calm in her voice given that it was but an hour before their wedding. They had originally planned to wed on August 23rd, but with Hurricane Bill's visit, they decided to change the date to September 2nd. Wise move as it was rainy and very blowy! When we met an hour later, she was just that - warm and glowing, with her dashing groom by her side. Thank you both for a wonderful afternoon and the honour of capturing your beautiful wedding...

Plan A was to have the ceremony up on the terrace at the Elbow Beach Hotel, but as it was still pretty windy and it was just the two of them, I proposed a little nook under a tree just outside their room. And the light was just yummy!

Wednesday 16 September 2009

The Ingham Family

I have known Jennifer for about 35 years. I started ballet again about three years ago and Jennifer has been one of my teachers, but long before that she was one of my sister's best friends. I remember driving to and from her parent's house to drop off or collect Sacha from slumber parties. But all this time I never knew she had a brother! So it was a pleasure to meet John, and it was wonderful to see you all together. Thank you for a great shoot - despite the sweltering heat, you all look amazing!

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