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Tuesday 19 January 2016

Here for the Holidays

I spent a lovely afternoon with Tom and Benan, their delightful daughters and adorable newborn son. They were on the island for the holidays and now that they are five thought it would be the perfect time to capture some family portraits. The girls giggled as they led me to their favourite spots in the garden and their teeny brother slept through it all but woke up in the last few minutes of our shoot to reveal his beautiful baby blue eyes.
Thank you for a wonderful shoot; it was a pleasure to meet you all.

Sunday 17 January 2016

Saying Goodbye

The Schwartz family had made a wonderful group of friends while living on the island. As a parting gift they arranged a goodbye party and asked me to come and photograph them all together. I had met them for a family portrait that morning and even in that short time could see how special they were and how heartbroken this group must be to see them go.
"I met Oneka shortly after she moved to the island in early 2008 at a baby play group. Our daughters, Sophia and Nell have birthdays three weeks apart and we quickly became friends with their family. Our sons were born under two years later and are also in the same school year. Lily was born nearly two years ago and I was delighted to be asked to be her godmother. We have shared numerous holidays, birthdays, school activities, parent chores, happy times and sad times. 
The Schwartz family throw legendary parties and Oneka is queen of detail. I remember one September when I had hardly seen her. It transpired that she had been spending hours spray painting china to create tea cup tower centre pieces for Sophia's Alice in Wonderland party! Other notable parties include the circus, Barbie, Candy Land and farm themed extravaganzas created with love and style for her children. 
Josh is an amazing chef and he will be sadly missed by all food aficionados on the island. His shortribs, beans, soups and salads have been enjoyed by many friends but it is his enthusiasm and excitement for cooking that is infectious. He would often call asking you to join the family for an event so he could try out a new recipe or dish. Everything I ate that he cooked was incredible!
The family will be missed by everyone who met them and it will be sad not seeing them in the 'Oy Vey' mobile. The Schwartz's do everything to the best of their ability, they are never boring and always caring. We look forward to spending time with them in their new home in New Hope, Pennsylvania."

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