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Thursday 31 August 2017

The Schulman Family

They decided at the last minute that they would love to have a family portrait while they were all together. So we did. It was a beautiful morning, but already very hot. So we stayed in the shade for a bit before heading on to the beach. The kids were pretty keen to go back into the sea having spent most of the previous day in the water. I hope you had a wonderful holiday...

Tuesday 29 August 2017

A Big Achievement to Celebrate

The Hosmer/Hamre/Slauenwhite families celebrated a family holiday in honour of Taryn's DNP degree from Yale. They enjoyed exploring Bermuda and wanted to capture the moment with an updated family photograph. It was a lovely, sunny afternoon, so we stopped in the shady path before heading to the beach. As we headed out onto the sand, the heavens opened and there was a torrential down pour. The were prepared and put on their ponchos while I hid beneath the lifeguard chair. Fortunately it was a quick storm and it was not long before the sun returned.
Thank you for a great shoot and I hope you all had a fabulous vacation!

Monday 28 August 2017

Jessica and Christian's Bermuda Wedding

"We love to travel and explore new places, but for our wedding, we could only imagine celebrating in a place that had truly captured our heart. Knowing that we celebrate every 4th of July in Bermuda, Christian proposed with the intention that our 2016 visit would be to plan our wedding and in 2017, to actually tie the knot! It was such a thrill for us to bring our friends and family to a place that we hold so dearly. The day was beyond all of our expectations; beautiful, joyous, and every bit us, from the first kiss selfie to the ice cream wedding cake. We will be back every July 4th with these memories in our hearts."
Thank you both for such an amazing afternoon. Your joy was infectious and it was an honour to capture your perfect day!

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