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Monday 24 April 2017

Lovely Little Lexi

Despite EV and her new baby sister Lexi feeling a little under the weather, we managed to capture a few lovely family portraits. But I dont mind if the photos are not all of sweet smiles. I love to capture the dramatic range of expressions and emotions that children experience from moment to moment. This is life, love and true parenthood. So much tenderness and trust is built during the time spent soothing little ones. So thank you all for a lovely morning of smiles, and tears...

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Ting & Lee in Bermuda

They thought eloping to Bermuda sounded wonderfully romantic, but sadly, they had not allowed enough time to get the permit. But they decided that having some photos while on the island would be wonderful anyway. We met at Stonehole Bay and wandered along the pathways and then onto the beach. It was lovely to watch their tender hugs and the way they looked so kindlt at each other.
Thank you both for a lovely afternoon!

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