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Tuesday 30 April 2013

Leonae and Donal are Engaged

They met on the 17th of October in 2008, it was a Friday evening and they were out with co-workers. Donal had recently moved to Bermuda and Leonae had just returned to the island from university in Canada. They were both amazed and delighted by how well they got along and have been inseparable since. Donal proposed a year ago, in a field on the beautiful coast of Kerry, Ireland where his grandmother was born. Their wedding will be held in a castle in Dublin on the fifth anniversary of the day they met.
They have been trying to have some engagements photos taken since December, but with the awful winter we had, they had to reschedule repeatedly.
Finally, there was a stunning Sunday. We began shooting at Southlands as Leonae wanted some formal images to set the tone for their black tie wedding. We then headed over to Stonehole/Chaplain Bay to capture some beach photos to send to Donal's family in Ireland. They have spent many summer days at Chaplain Bay over the years, so this was the perfect beach. The sea is still pretty chilly, but Leonae convinced Donal to join her in the water.
Thank you both for a wonderful evening. It was lovely to meet you both and to capture your joy. I hope you have a beautiful wedding...

Donal and Leonae have travelled extensively together and both love visiting new places. Leonae gave Donal this book for his 30th birthday and they have vowed to see the world together. I had them randomly flip to a page - it opened to Japan. Oooh! Cherry blossom season in Japan! Magical - I hope you make it there soon...

Monday 29 April 2013

Becky & Martin: Bermuda Wedding Photographers

They envisioned their wedding being lighthearted and casual with everyone barefoot on the beach. And it was that, but it was also unbelievably cold, windy and, from time to time, rainy! But luckily Martin and Becky were far too happy to care. They were surrounded by their friends and family and they all shivered and giggled together. Thank you for such a great afternoon, it was a pleasure to photograph your joy!

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