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Monday 30 April 2018

The Teller Family

This was the Teller's first trip to Bermuda. They rented a house in Warwick so they could all be together, and with a pool which provided endless entertainment for the whole family. They were particularly happy to be on the island as the week they were here there was a snowstorm at home.
Thank you for such a fun shoot...

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Soon to be Eight

Angie and Tim grew up in quiet homes, Angie was an only clild and Tim has one brother. But they have loved their large family. This is will be their sixth baby, and they have decided it will be their last addition to the family. They had not had photos done for any of Angie's other pregnancies, and as this is the last time, they decided it would be lovely to capture, not only the bump, bu their holiday in Bermuda too. Thank you for a lovely shoot, and I hope you had a magical babymoon!

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