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Thursday 29 September 2011

The Sinclair Family

With Heather heading off to her first year of University in the UK, Janet wanted to capture her family in their last few days together. Like all mothers, she is not happy about her first daughter leaving home, though they are all excited for Heather's new adventures. She ultimately plans to work with riding therapy for people with special needs. The three girls are all so different - Heather plays field hockey, Jessica is the glamorous dancer and Emily is the roller hockey tom-boy who shaved her head for St Baldricks when she was just eight. Thomas is the government beekeeper who loves fishing and lobstering and Janet is happy at home with her embroidery and her laptop. I asked them to bring some props and they decided that footwear was really the best way to express themselves. Thank you all for a great shoot, you were a joy to photograph...

Monday 26 September 2011

Kim & Michael: Bermuda Wedding

Mike proposed standing on Tower Bridge, with the Thames beneath them. It was a few days before Kim's birthday; Mike had carried the ring across the Atlantic and hidden it so he could surprise her. As soon as Kim saw the leather pouch with the initials HW she lost it, as what else would Michael have from Harry Winston other than a ring. She was so excited he feared she'd fall over the bridge or drop the ring. 
The tide was rising quickly, but they managed to finish the ceremony just in time before the sea swept through where the chairs were standing. The waves were particularly large as Hurricane Irene was making her way north. Then, just as they sat down to dinner a squall came, so we decided they should quickly cut the cake for fear it might topple over. Despite the unbelievable wind and rain that came everyone cozied closer together under the tent and had a fantastic time  making merry 'til the wee hours.
Thank you both for the pleasure of being a part of your day, your wedding was just gorgeous...

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