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Saturday 22 February 2014

The Magenta Mama to Be

Two weeks ago I had the most wonderful maternity session with Kim and Marc. We moved about the garden and then the heavens opened so quickly ran for cover. We shot a few more on my covered terrace but finished early as it was getting too dark. We met up again at the beach last week and captured a few more. It worked out in the end to be able to go to two locations. I'll post the beach shoot in a few days. Thank you both for a great afternoon and I can't wait to meet your tiny bundle of love.

I asked Kim to tell me her thoughts on our shoot and this is what she wrote...
"Just recently, Marc and I were searching the web and asking our peers for a great photographer that could capture this precious moment in our lives. As soon as we discovered your site and scrolled through your photos, we were sold! We have a beautiful baby bump that has brought us so much joy that we decided to arrange a shoot.

We are expecting our first baby on March 26, but you never know, she may decide to come early. For months, no one could tell that we were expecting until the end of our 2nd trimester. All of a sudden, my belly has grown so huge that trying to tie my shoes has become a struggle. We are now 8 months preggo and extremely eager to meet our little princess. 

After months of searching on google, we finally decided on a name. We picked a name for our baby girl that we have always loved, Giada. Marc has a cousin with this name and we both lthink it's that it's beautiful and rare. It means jade in Italian Her middle name is Anjoli which is a combination of my sister’s middle name, Joli and my middle name, Angelique. 

Both Marc and I have always envisioned our home filled with photos of the two of us and our family, so this shoot meant a lot to us. We are truly living our dream. There is nothing more precious than this moment of having baby Giada in my womb. Eveytime she kicks, we are delighted and charmed. We are so glad to have these photos and we look forward to taking more soon after Giada is born.

I had played with various processing and could not decide, so here are a few more versions of the above photo...

Thursday 20 February 2014

Baby Sasha

Sasha was just 10 days old when she came with her family to have her portrait taken. I always try to see if I can photograph babies when they are sleeping as there is a beautiful peace in their faces. Sasha did snooze when she first arrived - for about two minutes... Then she watched everything that was going on around her. I do wonder what they must be thinking at that age -  aware of everyone around them, snuggling and swaddling and smiling... I photographed her sister Nadia when she was tiny too. She also had no interest in sleeping and made the most wonderful squirmy faces. Nadia was on better form this time, though she was far more interested in Saturday than in being in the photos. I get that a lot - Saturday is very good at making new friends...

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