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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Erin & Dan: Bermuda Wedding

Erin and Dan had found it tricky and a little stressful arranging their wedding from abroad. They were worried about how tight the schedule was to get their guests from one end of the island to the other. But what struck them was that with all the tension they had been feeling, there was this amazing calm and sense of relief the moment they arrived at the Unfinished Church. They felt that in such a beautiful place how could anything go wrong, so any concerns they had just melted away. Everyone did get to the church on time. Erin's brother walked her down the aisle and surrounded by their closest friends and family, the smells of the neighboring garden and this beautiful building, they were married. Thank you both for a wonderful morning, I love the Unfinished Church too!

Monday 30 July 2012

Michael & Eleni: Bermuda Wedding

For ten months leading up to the wedding Michael and Eleni's daughter Nicole had been practicing being a flower girl. She would wander through the house wearing her veil and drop petals. When the day finally arrived Nicole was ready. Eleni watched Nicole, her sisters and nieces walk down the aisle ahead of her, and then as she slowly made her way. Here is what Eleni wrote... "When I was walking down the aisle, at one point I saw Nicole wave and smile at me. I stopped, waved, smiled back and continued to walk toward my future. It was one of the many beautiful moments I have shared with my daughter on this journey we are taking together. When I was walking toward Michael on that gorgeous beach, we looked at each other; it was the most spiritual moment of my life."
Michael and Eleni, your wedding was beautiful, it was an honour to photograph it for you...

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