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Monday 27 April 2015

Fabulous Five at Fort Hamilton

"Time moves on and we want to keep a record of how Imogen, Jamie and Charlotte are all growing up … amazing how they change in three years, not just physically, but emotionally and in their interactions with each other, us … and you!  What is funny is how much they have changed, but essentially the photo shoot felt familiar to them.  We loved the mysterious location - not typical of Bermuda."
I suggested Fort Hamilton as it was a grey day. I thought that the grey stone of the moat and the aged wooden bridge would be beautiful with the moody, silvery light. We decided they would all wear grey and blue too. Thank you all for another amazing shoot. 
And just for fun, here is a link to their last shoot - The Little Farm

Saturday 25 April 2015

Teeny, Tiny Twins

"The day we found out Michele was pregnant was one we'll always remember - but when the Dr. told us it was twins, our excitement elevated to a new level!!!
Vivienne Jayne and Savannah Isobel have already filled our souls with joy and we are blessed with the knowledge they will have a life long 'best friend forever'."
This beautiful wooden shed is behind Michelle and Neil's house. I loved the shed's texture and soft grey and with it being a very bright morning, the light there was perfect. 
We started inside, Michelle had just fed them and they were snoozing. Well Savannah was sleeping and Vivienne was wiggling. They were so adorable together nuzzling into each other and from time to time Vivienne would take a tiny bite of Savannah's cheek. It was so funny, they are so tiny, but so animated. Thank you both for such a wonderful morning!

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